InBuildingRadio can develop a comprehensive detailed design for your DAS using the iBwave® software suite. InBuildingRadio engineers are certified by iBwave® at Level 3.
The coverage/heat maps provided by iBwave® show coverage strength on your floor plans with easy to understand color coding for signal strength.


The iBwave® software suite is a computer aided design tool for developing and documenting DAS designs for buildings, road and rail tunnels, stadiums and many other facilities. The software provides the ability to generate block and level diagrams, coverage (heat) maps, equipment lists and coverage compliance in an integerated manner. Many juristictions are requiring this type of documentation before approving the DAS design for implementation. InBuildingRadio uses the Enterprise version of the software which provides more accurate Fast Ray Tracing Simulation.
iBwave® provides an Equipment List Report that summarizes all of the components and cables used in the design to facilitate costs estimates and procurement. The reports include the ability to factor cable lengths to account for variances in cable installation routing.
iBwave® design plans provide a block and level illustration (riser plan) of the DAS design with pictograms that depict the components of the design, and signal levels at each component.

iBwave® also provides link budget reports that provide a tabular listing of all losses and levels between signal sources and antenna components.