Procurement Assistance

Equipment Lists and Bills Of Material
InBuildingRadio can support the procurement of your DAS equipment. This can include anything from equipment lists to detailed specifications for solicitation of bids from multiple suppliers or distributors. InBuildingRadio can help evaluate and select equipment for your DAS.

DAS equipment can be very complex in configuration and application. InBuildingRadio can determine the optimum equipment for your DAS, including the type of signal booster (Class A, Class B, band selective, channel selective etc), and antenna systems (discrete antennas, radiating cable etc), and backup power systems.
Equipment Selection and Recommendations
There are numerous manufacturers of signal boosters, coaxial cables, antennas and radiating cables, and numerous wholesale suppliers of these equipments. InBuildingRadio can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturers equipment, help select the optimum equipment for your application.
Installation Contractor Selection and Vetting
If you are subcontracting your installations, they must comply with local building and fire codes, and installers must be trained and experienced with the equipment that they will be installing. InBuildingRadio can provide training, installation instructions and guidelines to ensure your DAS is code compliant and meets design objectives