Installation and Testing Support

Existing Coverage Testing
Testing of existing coverage is necessary first and foremost to identify the need for a Distributed Antenna System.  It can also  determine the building penetration loss and degree of existing in-building coverage from off-air transmitters, determine the requirements for donor links, and assess the impact of TDI created by the interaction of the off-air system and the building DAS.

InBuildingRadio can assess the expected coverage from donor path link budgets, confirmed by signal level testing in the immediate vicinity of the area to be covered by the in-building DAS. In addition, InBuildingRadio can determine/verify the off-air signal levels within specific areas of the overall coverage area.

Coverage testing is accomplished with GPS equipped portable spectrum analyzers calibrated to national standards, and for GPS denied locations, we use the TRX Systems Neon® In-Building System Mapping
Post Installation Coverage Testing
After the DAS has been installed but before the system is subjected to acceptance/compliance testing with the local juristiction, testing can be accomplished by InBuildingRadio to verify the performance of the design, equipment and installation, proper signal levels and coverage, and to determine if any changes are required to provide adequate coverage.
Acceptance Testing
InBuildingRadio can support acceptance by performing coverage testing in accordance with test plans, and compiling and analyzing the test data, and preparing test reports that may be required. In most cases, testing is limited to signal level testing supplemented with voice checks, but sometimes more elaborate Delivered Audio Quality (DAQ) testing is required. InBuildingRadio can support both of these methods.


Test Plan And Procedures
The general method for DAS coverage testing is to verify 95% to 99% of the general and critical area locations meet minimum signal level requirements.

Depending upon the juristictions involved, coverage testing can range from simple tests of a small number of locations within the coverage area to the creation of a complex set of test grids/tiles for detailed testing of the system coverage. InBuildingRadio can support the development of either test plans or procedures if required by the local juristiction.