• Glenwood Road Apartments, Glendale CA
  • Sound Transit Northgate Garage, Seattle WA
  • Smith Correctional Facility, Riverside CA
  • Las Tunas Mixed Development, San Gabriel CA
  • Berendo Villa Apartments, Los Angeles CA
  • 982 S. Catalina St, Los Angeles CA
  • Murietta Police Dept Murietta, CA
  • LA Metro Regional Line, Los Angeles CA
  • LA Metro Crenshaw Line, Los Angeles CA
  • 770 South Harbor Fullerton CA Apartments
  • Alton Place Apartments, Irvine CA
  • Del Prado Mixed Use Development Del Prado, CA
  • Public Defender's Building Riverside, CA
  • Juvenile Courthouse Riverside, CA
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    Our Services

    InBuildingRadio provides Public Safety Distributed Antenna System (DAS) design and testing services to System Integrators, Electrical and Low-Voltage Contractors.

    Typical venues include office buildings, residential projects, schools, medical facilities, courthouses, hotels, and rail and road transit projects.

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    InBuildingRadio supports all aspects of DAS deployments from the initial coverage testing, through detailed design and plan approval, and final commissioning and testing.  InBuildingRadio also provides annual system testing and maintenance services.